Three Shires Hoardes.


who says horizons always have to be level?

Just a route from the Cat n Fiddle pub, over the moor, then bouncing round the rocks on the various bridleways thereabouts. T’was an absolute SunStonker of a day, and i was already a bit sunburnt from a big ole ramble round Kinder Scout the day before, seems like it was the first PROPER hot weekend of the year. Shorts and t-shirt weather ahoy! Trouble is, when the sun comes out, so do the Hordes. I’d already been through three shires itself twice prior to the above pic,and this was the first time that there was space enough to have a sit down.

As befits my middle aged cantankerous persona, this leaves me in somewhat of a quandry. I think its ace that theres so many people out there wanting to enjoy the open spaces, but sometimes i cant help but think it would be better if a few folks just stayed at home…

Things that confounded on this trip were the still smouldering disposable BBQ placed on a peat moor up by the cat and fiddle. I melted a finger on my glove putting it on some less flammable rocks, but thats better than the moor burning isnt it i suppose? Even better would be to not have a bloody BBQ on a peat moor. I saw two dogs not on leads chasing sheep and lambs, despite loads of notices telling people what a bad idea that is. A bit further up the trail there was a freshly dead sheep right on the path. A product of another dog chase perhaps? Oh, and a big thank you to the couple that stood motionless in the middle of the trail as i rang my bell and called hello and politely asked if i could squeeze past. Shit people, how quickly would you have been writing a letter to the local paper or ringing up jeremy vine if you had been mown down by a push bike? A bit of consideration cuts both ways doncherknow.

Its never all bad though is it. Had a  nice chat with an old boy out for a ramble about how he never used to see any one round there years ago. Makes me wonder what it will be like in another twenty years or so. Hopefully i’ll still be out exploring round and about, hopefully others will be too, im sure theres enough space for us all. But the more pressure there is on our open spaces then the more ‘we’ (as a population) need to be showing a bit more respect and love for our surroundings and fellow beings. Is the countryside code still a thing these days?

Righty, vital stats. About 13 mile, couple of thousand foot of up and down. No free beers consumed (WHUT), and i had this running round my head. Dunt matter what the upset is, theres usually a J Mascis song to make it better.

Be cool to each other out there people.


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