Nipping round Ted Heaths for Mini-Cheddars!

FullSizeRender (1)

Summers evenings! Doncherjuslovem!?

Im not totally sure which trail is Ted Heath and which is Mini Cheddars, but theyre both ace. Kudos to the folks over cheddleton way for cramming so much stuff into such a small space, the jump farmers up there are busy and skilled folk. None of us is totally convinced that anyone actually rides the big jumps up there though, which is fair enough even if so cos they stand in their own right as works of earthy art. I really should try and get a piccy.

To be fair, most of this ride just kinda vanished beneath a haze of Red Rum… Im stepping up my hip flask game for wednesday night rides, so it was red rum (in a shiiiining hip flask) this week. Next week im bringing out the big guns and packing the absinthe. Should be interesting after a couple of snifters!

So, yeah. We pedalled some. We did some skids. Some drops off the sides of the locks along the canal. I was dead stoked (i believe thats whats the kids call it) after legitimately stringing together a series of jumps one after the other and getting both wheels off the ground at the same time. The jumps were only about a foot high but ive got a massive mental block with jumping ever since really hurting myself at cannock years ago so i reckon thats pretty good progression for an owd un!

Couple of dead tasty ales were consumed at the hollybush inn for post ride rehydration. No idea what they were now, thats all a Red Rum haze now too, but i do know its still one of my favourite pubs at the minute. Vital stats for the ride? About 18 miles, a thousand foot or so of up n down, one free beer, one very late night!

The Bluetooth Speaker made another appearance tonight and i think this was my musical moment of the ride. Summers evening in the trees, smell of bluebells in the air, three bikes razzing round, this blasting out of one of the bikes bottle cages, and the bemused looks of passers by. Good Times šŸ™‚

Happy Trails! Dusty bikes for happy bikers!


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