Deep Hazed and Confused.

Like a muddy buckled wheel scraping a rim brake, wednesday evening rolled round again. Quite a gang out this evening, six of us slip and sliding round in the slop, so unfortunately the hipflask didn’t really go very far… Maybe we should step it up and splash some funds on either a bigger hipflask or some pokier booze. Absinthe maybes? Hmmm…

Route wise, it was a re-hash of our exploration on monday. Personally, i’m loving the fact that we’ve discovered trails on the doorstep that are currently verging on unrideable. Its one of the ace things about the mountain bike. Its not all about fitness, and even the most skilled can fail on certain trails. Its a great leveller. The focus needed to get along the slimy slidey steep steppy stuff (and the comedy value of crashing into barbed wire fences) and the challenge presented by the trails (what challenge? Didn’t some people just push their bikes eh? Eh??) are something thats got me proper jazzed on the MTB at the min. Should probably bear in mind that its a group ride though, and that kind of stuff isn’t for everyone… British Stiff Upper Lips were called into play by a couple of us i’m sure. Sorry folks!


Keep off the wrong side of the tracks.

Heading back to the pub via the railway was spooky indeed. Maybe it’s the old mental hospital at the top of the hill, but this place has always had a weird vibe to me. Not helped by the eerie mist drifting across the tracks… Plus even though it was the official first evening ride of the year after the clocks going forward, it was colder than cold. Admittedly, not too cold to sit outside the pub for a couple of light ales and a bag of crisps while chatting nonsense, but my memory did kind of started blanking out at this point… Presumably because of the cold rather than the Irish Peated Ale. All i can really remember after that point was singing Duran Duran, wearing a scarf over my head, and wondering if it was possible to actually get any colder as i hosed the mud off me and my stuff once back home.


lessons learned: I need to get some stickers made. None of us can speak French. Tubeless is ace. Sweet Protection Mudrides are ace shorts. And the things teenage boys can apparently do with an elastoplast while on holiday are truly eye opening…

Vital stats: About 15 miles of pedalling/hiking, depending on skillset. Approximately one third of a pint of free beer (depending on crisp consumption). All in all, what a blimmin great evening!

Time to wind this up, i need to listen to some different music to get Duran Duran out of my head…

Happy Trails!







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