Ok, so everybody knows a pirates favourite letter is ‘R’. Even though his first love is the ‘C’…

Today has been spent out and about pirating yet more cheeky trails for our future night rides. Summer is coming and since between us we’ve been riding the local trails for a bit more than the last twenty years it sometimes gets a bit tricky to think of new routes to ride from our doorsteps, so a bit of exploration for new ideas never goes unwelcome.

Steveo had a couple of ideas to make last Wednesdays route a bit more’ride-a-bike’ than ‘hike-a-bike’, but to be fair after the amount of rain we’ve had last night we still both ended up doing our fair share of hiking… It unfortunately seems like the trails have gone from almost rideable back to being a pile of wintery slop almost overnight. Maybe it’s because Momma Nature heard i was going to be getting back on two wheels so she’s doing it to test my motivation? After getting all the kinds of weather there are (from sun to rain to hail to horizontal rain to back again), and yet still coming out of it with a smile, i don’t think my motivation can have been found lacking so we’ll see who relents first, Me or The Momma… And given i’ve just spent a vast amount of money on some new waterproof shorts and  am determined to get my moneys worth, good ole Momma Nature is deffo going to have a battle on her hands this year!

Lessons learnt: Five Tens are ace shoes for flat pedals, but are utterley rubbish for walking in mud. The 2016 Orange Five is an absolute RipStonker of a bike. After far too many years, i’ve finally got it sussed how to ride those off camber catch berm thingys (Personal Milestone Ahoy! The trick, like with most trail skills, is to stop thinking, just get on and do it, and let it flow). Sweet Protection Mudrides are great shorts. Maps are useful things, but a sense of direction is also priceless. A hipflask of Southern Comfort can go a long way to improving morale when the mud is as high as an elephants eye and the hail is stinging your cheeks. And finally, salad is a strange accompaniment to sausage egg and chips at the pub. Seriously pub people? Surely it can’t be just me that would prefer baked beans to salad?!

Soooo, vital statistics: 17 miles, 1000 feet of climbing, one free beer consumed, and one big fat belly pub dinner. The Hollybush at Denford had a cracking peated Irish ale on and is still as awesome a pub as there is. I’ve been rubbish with the photos yet again, but today i’m blaming busting a lung having to keep up with steveo and his massive legs. That simply doesn’t leave enough time for snapshots!


A dry oasis along a flooded canal.

I dunno if its just me, but i often get songs stuck in my head whilst riding. So i’m gonna start putting links to those in here too. Hopefully that might make up a bit for my lack of pictures… Had this crazy number buzzing round my head today, enjoy!

Happy Trails!


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